Social Media In Politics

Social Media In PoliticsThe use of social media in politics has rapidly increased over the last few years, and its use seems as though it will continue to exponentially grow in the future.  The use of Facebook to gain support and publicity is only one way in which politicians rally voters to their cause, but this is not simply a way to spread awareness but goes much deeper into the way human consciousness works with this type of technology. Continue reading

Computer Hacking and the Law

Computer Hacking and the LawHacking the computer of either an individual or a company is a serious crime that is much the same as theft, and laws must keep up to date with changing technologies and society.  The main reason laws are in place is to maintain a fair society in which if anyone is abused or dishonestly treated there is some embedded system to hold them accountable and punish them accordingly.  Societies are always changing, and so therefore are laws. Continue reading

Electrical Laws

Electrical LawsThere are many laws and regulations that the UK government has put in place over the last few decades to ensure not only maximum efficiency and fairness, but also safety for those that come into contact with any electrical appliances or wiring.  Continue reading