The Scottish Independence Referendum Gains Momentum

There is a lot of anxiety and wishful thinking in Scotland in the run up to the independence referendum slated for the 18th September 2014. Many people may not be aware that the United Kingdom is actually a combination of the Scottish kingdom, Wales and England. These three united to form the UK in 1707. Before this, the kingdom of Scotland was a sovereign state for over 800 years. Continue reading

A Brief and Simple Overview of Politics Today

A Brief and Simple Overview of Politics TodayThe most drastic change to global politics was the collapse of communism, removing any sense of equilibrium or competition, any sense the democracy had to be proved as better, and allowing free reign to capitalism to sink its teeth into the world and dictate all politics. Communism was the excuse for the US to vastly increase its weapon stockpile and then to go on to use them against 50 countries around the world throughout the cold war and after it. It was also the excuse for social pruning carried out by Joseph McCarthy under the pretext of a red scare. Now, nothing has changed only that Communism and radical leftism has been replaced by Terrorism and radical Islam.


There is no better catalyst for obedience – moreover willing obedience – than fear. Fear of an unknown, unseen enemy that is waiting to get you, personally you, and you are not safe anywhere not even in your homes, and you never know who the enemy is. What a terrible environment to live in, and how quickly you are going to believe a government that is all knowing and all powerful, one that only receives good press, and more significantly, one that is a beacon of world peace and freedom! Why not trust this government in the face of this enemy.

But there is another fear, a lesser fear that is being circulated through the streets and through the mind of the public, and that is fear of the foreigner. Fear of Romanians coming to take our jobs, and spread their violence and gang culture. Perhaps we should be fear more paedophiles in the ranks of the government church; we should fear more countries that hold vast stockpiles of hi-tech weapons, that can go to war unchecked in any country of the world whenever they want for whatever reason, and carry out real terrorism, bombing families and children at their will with remote control weapons from thousands of miles away.


Education is something that takes place both in and out of school and from a very young age. The education that is of most importance here is social and cultural education, in which we learn our position in the society we live in and what is an accepted attitude to have. Britain is one of the most class divided countries in the world, and now that there is a government made up of a majority of millionaires who are far more interested in making money and relationships than upholding values, these divisions of class are clearly visible.

I put this under the title education because those in positions of power were mostly educated at Eton, a place for the rich, not for the gifted, and where they learn their place in society at a young age. When it comes to today, we can see the constant harassment and even victimisation of the poor and immigrants. These people in power actually believe that the poor are lazy and are sponging off them because that is what they were taught.

For those of us who have the time, inclination and capability of clear thought we must distance ourselves from any spreading of ideas of racism or classism, either by unlearning what we have been told in our education system which is so highly dependent on class, or to educate ourselves as to what is really going on around us; the attitudes of people around us, how much of what people believe is formed under impressions.

There are no steel frame buildings where politicians meet to decide these things, it is simply what they believe, and they are no different from us in this; but we can always allow ourselves the freedom to think clearly and to examine our personal belief system, which can be a very difficult thing to do.

How Bad Politics Will Affect the Financial Viability of Countries

How Bad Politics Will Affect the Financial Viability of CountriesWhen you are thinking of investing in certain countries, there are a number of factors that one needs to consider. Perhaps, politics has been one of the biggest factors that the multinational companies consider before they venture into certain countries. Should individuals also be concerned with the politics of a country before they can decide to venture into such countries?

Evaluate country risk for your investments

When you are thinking of investing in a country, you must evaluate the risks that are imminent for you as an investor. The political risks as well as the economic risks are some of the two factors that you need to consider. All countries pose some kind of risks for potential employee, employers and investors. What this means is that you will need to consult widely so that you can be adequately informed about the potential risks that are abound. This is one of the best things that all investors should consider so that they don’t run the risk of losing all their investments in the event that there are problems.

Potential employees and their needs

What are the potentials of the employee that you will engage in your investment? How is the relation between the country labor markets and the company that you want to start? How are similar companies managing their work in the country where you want to put your investment? These are pertinent issues that will determine the kind of profit that you can make in certain countries as well as the relations that you will have with the country labor markets. The employee relations will have to be considered. This will determine how they relate with the management that you will put up in your company is also a very good factor that you must put into consideration.

Economic and Political Risk

Economic and political risk is definitely one of the factors that you must consider as you make a decision to invest overseas. Most of the companies and individuals who want to invest overseas want to build their portfolios either in shares, stocks or even in mutual funds. This means that they have to be sure of the stability of these markets before they can risk their money. Let us consider these two kinds of risks in your investment.

  1. Economic risks- these are the risks that have to do with the ability of the country to pay its debts. A country that has stable economic policies will be the best for the investors who are thinking about investing for the long term investments. If a country is not able to pay its internal and even external debts, then such a country may not be suitable for direct investment. Stable finances and a stable economy is a good factor for a company to consider when they are thinking of investments

Political risks- this has to do with the political decisions that a country makes and decisions that have a direct bearing with the economy of the country. A country that has a stable political environment will definitely be the best for your investment decisions.

Will Herbal Medicine become the Norm?

Will Herbal Medicine become the Norm?When we visit health food stores and some supermarkets we often see a wide range of medications for sale. A lot of the medication we see is what we would call ‘Traditional western medication’. But we can usually find some Chinese Herbal medicine too, and that has to be a good thing.

The western world once used traditional remedies too

Chinese medicine has been around for a very long time, probably longer than out western medicine. The different remedies, powders, capsules and tablets have helps many generations of people get and feel so much better. Before we in the western world had the medication that we’re used to, our ancestors used many herbal remedies just as the Chinese do. Of course, the remedies would not have been the same, but they may have had fewer side effects that present day western medication has.

When we think about using herbal medicine to cure ills, we usually relate this type of medication to specialist shops. Herbal medicine has not yet made a huge impact on western medicine, but it is making huge progress.

Sticking to what we know

The trouble is that not everyone is willing to try herbal medicines as they would rather stick to what they know. Some doctors do not recommend herbal medicines as a lot of them have not been tested. This does not mean to say that these medicines do not work, it just means some doctors have no proof that they do.

If you’re a doctor in the western world, would you rather give a patient something that you know works, or a remedy that may work? As you can see, there may be a bit of difficulty getting herbal medicine into the mainstream, but with time it may happen. If companies are willing to invest their money to test herbal medicines to see if they are effective, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t become the norm.

Few side effects

When it comes to using traditional remedies, the Chinese really know what they are talking about. They have been using these remedies for a very long time and trust them completely. The good thing about traditional medicines is they usually don’t have many side effects, if any at all. This is quite something and makes you wonder why we have to put up with medicine that’s made from different chemicals that can give us some nasty side effects.

Perhaps one day herbal medicine will become the norm. While we wait for that day to arrive, only a select few of us will ever really know how well this traditional form of medicine really works.

Is it right to buy puppies online?

These days it’s very easy to buy just about anything online. Surprisingly you can even buy puppies online too.

When I heard about this concept, I was a little skeptical. How can you buy a puppy online if you haven’t even seen it? How do you know the puppy has been looked after well and you won’t be getting one that falls ill?

You always take a risk

The fact of the matter is that you take a risk whenever you buy anything online. When it comes to buying live animals you have a lot more to take into consideration.

You will always find some unscrupulous sellers online, but you will always find some genuine sellers online too. For the most part those who sell online are just trying to do a bit of honest business. The point is that you need to take extra care when you’re buying animals online.

To ensure that your new puppy is a happy and healthy one you need to take a close look at the website. Is there evidence that the puppies are being looked after well? Is there a lot of information about the individual puppies? Has time and care been taken to create the website and show you how well looked after the puppies are?

Important factors to consider

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when buying a puppy online is if you can visit the breeder. If you are welcome to visit then chances are you have nothing to worry about. If you are told you cannot visit then there may be cause for concern.

Those who are bringing up puppies properly and with all the care and attention they need will have nothing to hide. If in doubt, shop elsewhere. If you think there’s a chance the animals aren’t being looked after properly then you may need to get the authorities involved.

Here’s a site you can trust

The good news is that you can go to this website and find out about a family who raise puppies. Make sure you see their adorable selection of puppies for sale and don’t forget to find out about how the puppies are cared for and how much work is put into making sure every puppy is happy and healthy.

Does the world of politics interest you?

Does the world of politics interest you at all? Are you one of these people that loves to discuss the latest goings-on and which party member said what?

To be honest, I’m not one of these people who will go out of their way to talk about politics. I know some politicians work hard to ensure they do right by the local people, but it’s not something I’m very interested in.

As bad as each other?

As I said to my mother in law yesterday, every politician seems to be as bad as each other. We’re promised this and that, we’re promised more jobs, more money for the local community. We’re promised better street lighting, more police patrols and such like. But, we’re only promised this if we vote for a specific candidate. The trouble is that if you vote for that candidate they may not deliver their promises. What’s more is you’ll soon see that most politicians don’t deliver their promises, which means they were talking rubbish and simply interested in votes.

Is it any wonder no-one trusts them?

In the UK in the last few years, many politicians have been caught spending too much money on homes, cars and other expenses. They’ve been claiming money for things they’ve not been entitled to, and the British public has had to pay for these things. If this is how politicians behave, is it any wonder no-one trusts them?

The sad fact is that some politicians really are set out to make a difference. The only trouble is that a lot of politicians seem to forget about their promises as soon as they get a little bit of power. What’s more is they can even seem so in touch with reality, they have no idea how much of a struggle day to day life can be.

More interested in other things

I think you’ll find that a lot of people are more interested in other things such as D800 lenses for your camera, or the latest games console to hit the market. We all believe in things that we know are real and not some broken promises that a lot of politicians seem to deliver.

Although a lot of good can come out of politics, a lot of bad can too, and this is the side of things we see all too often.

Finding The Best VST Plugin

Finding The Best VST PluginAs a consumer, you want the sound quality coming from your speakers to be the best.  Today has too many quality digital sounds to have something seem crackly or cluttered.  Sounds should be sharp, clear, and crisp.  In order to improve the sound coming from your computer speakers a consumer should use a VST Plugin. This creates the question which is best for you?  What interface will do what you want it and have the sound you want? Continue reading

Social Media In Politics

Social Media In PoliticsThe use of social media in politics has rapidly increased over the last few years, and its use seems as though it will continue to exponentially grow in the future.  The use of Facebook to gain support and publicity is only one way in which politicians rally voters to their cause, but this is not simply a way to spread awareness but goes much deeper into the way human consciousness works with this type of technology. Continue reading

Computer Hacking and the Law

Computer Hacking and the LawHacking the computer of either an individual or a company is a serious crime that is much the same as theft, and laws must keep up to date with changing technologies and society.  The main reason laws are in place is to maintain a fair society in which if anyone is abused or dishonestly treated there is some embedded system to hold them accountable and punish them accordingly.  Societies are always changing, and so therefore are laws. Continue reading

Electrical Laws

Electrical LawsThere are many laws and regulations that the UK government has put in place over the last few decades to ensure not only maximum efficiency and fairness, but also safety for those that come into contact with any electrical appliances or wiring.  Continue reading